The Divine prescription for loss


Shaikh Mansur Ali Khan (Allah preserve him) said.

Once I was in the company of Arif billah Dr Abdul Hayy Arifi (Allah have mercy on him). There was no one else. Hazrat Dr Arifi read aloud a letter send to him for spiritual advice.

It was from a young girl. She had been on vacation with her father in the northern areas of Pakistan. One day while traveling by bus it was fajar time and his father requested the bus driver to stop for salah. He agreed. Her father while disembarking the bus was run over by the speeding car coming from behind. The family rushed to help him. However, he was badly injured and died in front of them. They were devastated.

The daughter was now requesting for dua and words of consolation.

Dr Arifi looked at me and asked,
What should I write her?

I had no clue at all.

Dr Arifi closed his eyes and contemplated for few seconds. Then he said,

أنا لله و أنا اليه راجعون

Recitation of this is the soothing treatment for a bereaved heart. It is prescribed by Allah and established by practice of our master Prophet Mohammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).

Recite this repeatedly in abundance.’

Turning to this lowly writer Shaikh Mansur said,
‘Please, convey this to your brother. I am making dua that Allah makes magfirah of his son and give sabr e jameel to the parents.’


Masjid Nabawawi (ala sahibeha alf alf salawat o Salam) close to extreme right front corner of the original masjid.
After fajar 26/12/2012CE 13/2/1434H

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