A seeker inquired,

‘O Abu Saeed (Allah have mercy on him)! I spend the night in a sound state of physical health, I even have a desire to wake up at night for worship (tahajjud) and I also make arrangements for ablution but why is it that I can not get up?’

The Shaikh replied, ‘Your sinful activities hold you hostage (stopping you from getting up at this precious time to pray).’


What sinful activities?

Shaikh Taiwiri (Allah have mercy on him) said, ‘Once I was deprived of benefiting from the tahajjud prayers for seven month as a result of a sinful activity.’

On being question about this sinful act, he replied,

‘I saw a person crying and I thought (actively and with conviction) that he is being pretentious (riya kar).’

Awarif al-Ma’arif, (Urdu) 567

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