Steps to success

A seeker writes,
Issue#1 – Exposure to illicit viewing/reading material. May Allah SWT forgive me, I feel this continues to be a major drag for my spirituality. My mind is constantly surrounded with extremely dirty thoughts, I just feel like I am a slave to these thoughts. I feel the illicit lifestyles spread by western culture is something I internally find extremely attractive. Overall it is a huge and constant challenge.

Alhamdulillah some concrete steps came to mind to take care of this situation.
a) After mustering up a lot of courage I confided in my wife that I need more intimacy to rid myself completely of these evil habit. Alhamdulillah she took it positively and committed to helping out as much as possible inshaAllah.

b) I blocked off access to wrong stuff on my iphone as much as possible. Basically I downloaded this browser called K9. This is extremely restrictive in what you can access, I found it to be excellent MashaAllah. The way it works is that it maintains a server side repository of banned websites. All the queries (even google image search) goes through their servers and it actively blocks wrong stuff. I also deleted all the other browsers and applications that could be used to access the web. I put a PIN code on the functionality of installing new applications. And only my wife knows the PIN code. Please make dua that I remain steadfast on this inshaAllah.


Masha Allah. This is great.
This is indeed real spiritual progress. May Allah give isteqamet and facilitate it for you. Amin!

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