Importance of daily recitations



Shaikh Wasiullah Allahabadi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘The pious elders have said, تارك الورد ملعون

It means that the individual who (intentionally) leaves his daily recitations (wird) is  accursed.

This is because offering extra (nafil) salah or recitations (awrad) in the beginning (of sulook) is not as detrimental than to initiate and then stop them. 

This is extremely bad. Allah’s alienation is for such an individual. This results in the individual becoming absolutely incompetent. He can neither follow the Deen properly nor achieve any worldly success.

Therefore, one should not initiate extra (routine) pious actions, like tahajjud or recitations. If he does initiate them then he should have a firm intention of doing them all his life. Otherwise misfortune will engulf him.

It is mentioned in Tabqat e Kubra (page 142) that on the day the murid leaves his wird the Divine help is cut off from him.’

Wasiyet ul ehsan, Talifat e Musleh al Ummat ra, volume 5, page 56-7

Shara’iah,near Jara’nah, Makkah al mukarramah


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