The differences



An individual reported how differently the takbirat in salah are done and how lax religious leaders are regarding keeping a full beard here.

Sayyidi wa sanadi Shaikh Mufti Taqi Usmani (Allah bless him with a long, healthy and productive pur-‘afiyet life, Amin!) replied,

‘These are differences in etiquette (aadaab).
There should be no prohibition (nakeer) on the issues that are differed upon by the Imams (mujtahideen).

An individual inquired that these days in our communities (Pakistan-India) first thing by which we judge an individual’s religious persuasion is their appearance (beard, dress, etc.). Is this correct?

Sayyidi wa sanadi strongly disapproved of it. He said,
‘All things must be kept at their level (fiqh hierarchy).
It is grossly incorrect to judge others. Some issues (that Hanafis consider wajib) are not even makruh e tahrimi according to other Imams.’

Haram sharif, mataf behind Rukun-e-Yamani, Makkah al mukkaramah. After esha, 24th November 2013

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