Shaikh al Mashaikh Haji Imdadullah mohajir Makki (Allah have mercy on him) instructed,

‘Sit as you sit in the jalsa of salah.
Bow your head forwards towards the knees.

Cleanse your heart (& imagination) from all other than Allah.

Be in the presence of Allah.

Recite أعوذ بالله و بسم الله and three time الله حاضري، الله ناظري، الله معي.
Then contemplate on its meaning.
That Allah is present, watching and is with me.

Put significant effort in this imagination until no awareness remains of other-than-Allah. Even the awareness of his/her own self vanishes.

If this contemplation and knowledge disappears very rapidly (after a session) then muraqaba is deficient.

(It must be acknowledged that) Initially one has to force one’s self to do the muraqaba. Then with persistent effort a time comes when returning back (to being neglectful of this imagination) becomes impossible.
However, one reaches this state gradually. Therefore, one should not abandon the effort due to initial hardship.’

Dhiya al Quloob, page 35
1st Rabi II 1435/1st February 2014

4 thoughts on “Muraqaba

  1. muaz

    I have read in the books of Hakim Akhtar (rahimahullah) that one should not put too much pressure on one’s mind while performing muraqabah, as this could result in “damagh ki khushki”.

  2. 'abd Post author


    Yes indeed. Certain individuals can not handle the mental pressure and it is detrimental for them. However, it is for the Shaikh to assess upfront which murid can handle it and prescribe. It is not for the murid to make his own assumptions.

    These muraqaba are for the advanced murid. They are done in consultation and under the supervision of Shaikh.
    This one in particular is for those already doing the ‘Dowazdah tasbih’, at least for few years.

    The point Hazrat Haji shaib rehmatullah aleh most likely wants to make is that one should be punctual and sit conscientiously for this activity daily as instructed.
    w-Allah-u ‘alam.

    One of the reasons to post this and the earlier: Remembrance & lataif post is to encourage seekers. People have extra time available and they waste it.
    Senior Mujaddidi shuyukh have mentioned that it usually takes 10 years plus of diligent daily dhikr to activate the initial lataif.

    May Allah swt wake us up from our compound neglectfulness. Amin!

  3. rsyed

    Respected Shaykh Assalamu Alaykum wrwb
    I did not understand what is meant by “Damagh ki khushki” that respected brother Muaz wrote about.
    Kindly clarify what that means .
    was salam

  4. 'abd Post author

    Wa alaykum as Salam wrwb

    It means being psychologically sick.
    Few people who strife excessively hard but are impatient and have impractical expectations when they do not see their expected results suffer from this. Usually manifested by increased irrational irritability, being rude and obnoxious. Eventually leads to major depression.

    May Allah save us all from it. Amin!

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