Coercion into baiyah



 A seeker wrote: ‘Incidence of bayat: During the days when I did bayat  I was doing istikhara and going to bayanat. I wanted to connect with someone but I was not satisfied with anyone. When I first attended Hazrat Mufti sahab’s bayan I was not much attracted (I had heard positively about him from many people).

Again when I had a chance to attend his bayan till the end I had no intention of bayat. The friend with me recommended to do bayat  but still I did not want. When Hazrat said that those who want to do bayat and toba come near (he publicly takes bayat) that is when I just did bayat.

Reply: It will be considered a bayat of tabbaruk and not of sulook.
However, the message has to be conveyed that bayat  is not an ordinary thing. This is in order to make sure that your nafs does not trick you again with the next Shaikh. That is, if you find a third Shaikh than you run saying there is someone better and I will go there.
Also, make your own decisions do not let others force you into something you are not sure about.  Please, remember that selecting a Shaikh does not require an agent.

It is essential to know that in Tasawwuf bayiah is like marriage (nikah).
You are very careful and search in detail before making the decision. Only after complete satisfaction you make a commitment.

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