Dealing with absurd stuff


An individual from another city had reserved an appointment to meet sayyidi wa sanadi Shaikh Mohammad Taqi Usmani ( Allah preserve him).

After the initial greetings the Shaikh inquired him regarding the purpose of the visit.
The gentlemen replied that a crucial, overwhelming and repeated thought was the reason. ‘That is, the crisis of lack of electricity in the country does not need an elaboration. I am getting this idea of creating electricity by the rotation of the Earth. You are aware that Earth is rotating approximately 1,6000 km/hr. This is not a useless movement. Allah has done this for a reason. The idea of harnessing this energy to make electricity is coming to me repeatedly. I have discussed this with many individuals. I was told to approach you in this regards. I am seeking your assistance in this.’

Without a faintest change in his demeanor, Shaikh inquired,
‘Do you have a strategy on how this can be done?’

The gentlemen replied,
Actually it is this very reason to come to you. Please guide me. How can I do this?’

Still, without any signs of anger or frustration Shaikh replied,
‘Pray salatul hajat and make dua. It is from the teachings of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) to do so when faced with a dilemma.

Is there any things else to discuss, as I have other things to attend now?’

The gentlemen requested for dua and left.
Even after his departure Shaikh did not comment on the absurd question put to him and became busy with his work.

Office, Darul uloom Karachi, January 2014.

1 thought on “Dealing with absurd stuff

  1. Dr N Imdad Ali

    i would like to suggest that energy creation from earth rotation is already in use. But not in the context what the person is asking. the earth rotates and creates magnetic field and by rotating in opposite direction we create electricity like in dynamo or hydroelectricity using turbines in dam.
    this idea is absurd but can he keep a coil of wires in space in such a way that it should not move along with earth and if he can do that the electricity generated will be tremendous and how he can control it and regulate it.
    the way hazratwala damat barkatuhum has dealt with is a lesson for all of us. Many a times people ask for questions we feel are silly and lose our temper. Inshallah i will remember this incident whenever such a situation occurs.

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