The desire of being Imam


A seeker wrote, ‘From few days now my condition is that I feel a desire to lead (in salah:imamet). I wish that others will request me to lead. Even if they are kidding I actually step forward to lead.

The reason for this desire seems to be showing my excellent abilities of recitation (of the Holy Quran).

I understand that this is a fatal spiritual illness. In other words it is the sibling of arrogance (kibr).
For Allah, please, help me.

Hakim al Umma Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Allah have mercy on him) replied,
‘Do not lead (the salah) even if they ask you to do so’.

Tarbiyet us Salik, volume 3, page 112


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  1. 'abd Post author

    Walaekun assalam Warahmatullah. Jazakallah and thanks. What should I do whenever I m doing Immamat which we need to do commonly in KSA and we try to do slowly along with good quality tilawat but when it comes to my individual Salah I perform it faster than jamat and do tilawat and other arakeen like reading it.

    Salam. In general the imamat should be concise/shorter than ur individual salah. That is to ensure that if a muqtadi is in hurry salah does not become burdensome for him. Our individual namaz has to be with the best quality of khushu n khudhu possible for us, If that is not the case than it has to be corrected.

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