Steps to selecting a Shaikh


The best way to select a Shaikh includes,
1. Initially visit many shuyukh with a sincere intention of islah
2. Having good opinion for all Muslims is essential. Especially those referred to as shuyukh. So do not judge them in your mind & heart in haste.
3. If something troubles you that they do or tolerate or prescribe then move to someone else
4. Keep making sincere dua in finding a Shaikh. Each day after esha make dua for at least 3 minutes in this regards.
5. If you find someone suitable the company of whom benefits you (i.e. you become aware of your short comings and try to improve on them). Moreover it does not raise objections in your heart then stick to him.
6. However do not rush to make bayiat.
7. Sit in his company or communicate with him for at least 40 times.
8. Then make consultation (mashwara)  with the knowledgeable and pious individuals.
9. If they recommend him then make istekhara for 3 to 7 days.
10. Only after you are completely at ease in your heart with this decision then commit and make bayiat.
MOST important is NOT to rush through these steps!

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