Dealing with doubts


A learned scholar complained that he had serious doubts about the belief of predestination (taqdeer). He had read extensively on this subject and spoken to top notch scholars of the field. However, his doubts had persisted. Now he wanted to ask some questions from Hakim al Ummah about these doubts.

Hakim al Ummah Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Allah have mercy on him) replied,
‘My answers to your questions may suppress your doubts for a while. However, new doubts will arise soon and bother you. Eventually this will become a pernicious cycle of questions and answers.

The way to deal with doubts is not to stop (iskat) or silence them by providing their logical answers. It is by aborting (isqat) the over inquisitive unrestrained intellectual trait raising these doubts. This is achieved by acquisition of love and awe of Allah as taught by the pious Masters of the path.’

Malfuzat, (PS. quoted in meaning, not exact wording.)

2 thoughts on “Dealing with doubts

  1. muslima

    as salam o alaykum

    Hazrat ager kisi ne koi gunah ka kaam kiya ho to kya usko bhi ye sochna chahye k ye mere taqdeer main likha tha?
    Jazakallah khair

  2. 'abd Post author


    Wa alaykum as Salam wrwb

    Aga khudanakawsta Gunah ho jayay tu koi taweel o uzr na karna chahiyay. Foran apni galti ka iqrar karain , afsoos o pashaymani zahir karain, mafi managain aur ainda na Kernay ka azam karain.

    Jo asbab gunah ka bais bantay hain unko door karain, maslan buray doost, TV, Internet wagerah.

    Was Salam

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