Tips for islah


The pious masters have said that a true seeker is not confused between the virtuous and sinful paths. However, he/she is misled by the desires of lower self (nafs).

May Allah protect us all from the deceptions of nafs. Amin!

Some steps that may be beneficial for a salik in doing a virtuous act or abstaining from a sinful one are as follows,

1. Sincere intention to please Allah by this action
2. Firm active determination of action or abstentions
3. Heartfelt supplication asking Allah for help in this endeavor
4. Mustering courage
5. Performance or abstention from that action
6. Being thankful to Allah if the task is successfully accomplished
7. Repenting immediately if one fails
8. Informing the mentor (Shaikh) of the exact details of progress or failure
9. Fulfilling the penalties as prescribed by the Shaikh
10. Actively contemplating the steps #1 to 5 daily and whenever the desires of nafs surface.
11. Asking Allah at each and every step for facilitation

Indeed facilitation is from Allah alone!

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