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A sincere reader wrote,

I’m xyz from Malaysia,I want to bayah online and join silsila Ashrafiyya. I very love Hadrat Hakim al Umma Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.
May Allah bless you Sheikh.

The reply sent,

Respected brother

As salamu alaykum wrwb


It will be best to establish this relationship with someone whom you can visit repeatedly and benefit from his company/ suhba.

Keep searching for someone in Malaysia.

In meantime do two things,
1. Make dua after every Esha salah in this regards. Ask Allah to facilitate getting connected to a genuine shaykh who can guide you to Him.
2. Try your best to do the faraidh & Sunnah actions and abstain from all that is impermissible.

InshaAllah you will be successful.

Take care.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any other information.

In need of your dua,

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  1. 'abd Post author

    A reader send the following,
    I read on your site, regarding an individual from Malaysia who wanted to get connected to a shaykh from the ashrafiyah silsilah, and advice from yourself to look for a shaykh in Malaysia.
    There is one Moulana Umair in Malaysia who is a khalifah of Moulana Abdul-Hamid Ishaq (db) from South Africa. Moulana Abdul-Hamid (db) has spoken highly of him in many majalis. If the person who wrote to you is interested, he can speak to Moulana Abdul-Hamid (db) and get Moulana Umair’s contact detalis.

    Moulana Abdul-Hamid (db) can be contacted on +27114132786 between 12noon and 2pm South African Time (GMT+2 hours) on weekdays (except Fridays) if he is out on safar, the madrasa people will be able to advice when he can be contacted.

    I have also personally met Moulana Umair at the khanqah of our shaykh, Moulana Abdul-Hamid(db), and found him to be a wonderful person with a very thorough knowledge of shafii fiqh.

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