Weekly gathering

 Following message was sent,

As salamu alaykum wrwb.

 I pray and hope that you are doing well.

 In Jeddah on every Monday after maghrib there was a session in our home. I read from a book and if needed did some explanation. It did not exceed 1/2 hour. Usually it was my family however occasionally a neighbor would join. Here we did not resume this. I feel hypocrite and incapable.

Recently family members and a friend asked to resume it. Would it be appropriate to do so?

 Also please make dua that it (in case it’s okay to resume then it) is most beneficial in my own islah. JazakAllah. Muhtaj e dua

Sayyidi wa sanadi Sheikh Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) replied,


Yes, please, resume it for your own benefit, as it will be a reminder to your own self.




InshaAllah from this Sunday 5th April 2015 we will restart this at my residence. Time : 12 noon

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