Social interaction: The Principles & applications

A seeker living in USA for his training wrote,

I do not prefer socializing with others. I want to spend my free time at home.  Moreover, in socializing caution has to be taken to make sure that we share the same concepts, are careful with  diet (halal) and observe the segregation of the sexes. For all these reasons our social circle is very limited. This is not a problem for me. However, my wife feels isolated and this issue becomes a source of contention between us. Her suggestion is that we should be more flexible.

Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah protect and preserve him) replied,

‘I mention some principles in this regards. Keep them in mind.

1. Avoid making your self excessively dry (khushek). And with an intention to please your spouse do whatever is within the limits of being permissible.

2. Do not be pressurized by anyone for things that are overtly impermissible.

3. Be vigilant in finding individuals who relatively share the same thoughts. Socializing with them will decrease the feeling of isolation.

4. Keep the environment at home pleasant. Allocate some time for general talking, laughter and entertainment.

If  even after following all of the above issues  diligently your spouse remains upset than handle it with wisdom. Do not do anything impermissible. However, instead of being upset yourself put off the issue lightheartedly.  Except in cases where showing your being upset is absolutely necessary.’

Islahi Khatoot

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