Marital rights


A seeker approached to bid farewell. He was traveling abroad for a long duration without his wife.

Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Taqi Usmani (Allah protect and preserve him) inquired,

‘What’s the plan for your wife?’

The seeker replied that she will be staying with her parents and in-laws here in Karachi.

Sayyidi further inquired,

‘Does she wholeheartedly and explicitly agrees for this?’

The seeker said that she was aware of this plan upfront.

Sayyidi instructed,

‘Mere awareness is not enough.

Fuqha have clearly mentioned that wife’s wholehearted and explicit permission is essential for the husband to travel abroad for more than four months. Otherwise it is impermissible for the husband to travel.

Make sure that this  is clearly understood (and followed).’

Office, Darul uloom Karachi 29 Ramadan 1436/17 July 2015

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