Daily recitations (wird): being lazy


In the last ten days of Ramadan he salikeen were all gathered around their Sheikh in the office. It was a khanqah.

Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve and protect him) read aloud from a letter of a seeker,

‘He writes: I am lazy in performance of the daily recitations (wird/ma’moolat) instructed to me.’

Addressing the audience sayyidi disapprovingly asked,

‘What can be done for this?’

Ramadan 1436/July 2015, Office, Daul Uloom Karachi

It means, that a seeker who has not recognized the importance of being punctual in his/her daily spiritual work is a hopeless case. No one else can help him do what he/she is supposed to do him/her self.

Moreover, it is reflective of his poor decision making in prioritizing daily actions and having a practical daily schedule.

May Allah give us the insight of recognizing the importance of the daily routine spiritual works, etc. instructed to us. Amin!

Steadfastness in them is the way towards success on this path.

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