A point to ponder upon!


 A sincere seeker inquired,
‘During Hajj I met two brothers whose profiles are such:
Brother A spends 40 days in Jamat almost every year and is active in the work of Tabligh.

Brother B does not have Ijazat from his Shaykh but he has had reformatory relationship (islahi Ta’lluq) for 30+ years.

I was both shocked and worried when I heard words of backbiting  (Gheebah) from both of them (in different instances).

Hazrat what can be the reason that even after being associated with a (reliable) Shaykh for 30+ years, or spending 40 days in Jamat each year the major sin of Gheebah is not eliminated? I am worried that I may be in the same situation as them in the future…’

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Medina al munawwarah

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