Serving: The 3 conditions

Hakim al Umma Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘There are three conditions for effectively serving others and gaining reward in hereafter.  They are,

1. Sincerity . That is seeking Allah’s pleasure in doing it. 

2. Having a close relationship. That is, who is being served does not feel burdened by it.

3. Knowing the task being done.’

Sayyidi wa sanadi’s Weekly dars 10 January 2016

1 thought on “Serving: The 3 conditions

  1. adeelahmad

    Assalamuaalykum Janab,
    point 1 is mostly known (though not easy to act upon) but points 2 and 3 above are something normally not talked about. MashaAllah Hazrat Mawlana Taqi usmani saheb pointed out this subtle point that common people like me fail to observe.
    It also reminds me of an incident.
    After isha, on a cold night, i was returning on my bike and saw an unacquainted old man on-foot going in a direction that i knew had no means of transport for at least 2-3kilometers.
    in my zeal to help makhlooq, i offered to help him to his destination. He got alarmed at this and started questioning my intentions and motivation for offering help and told me to just go away else……..
    I found myself in danger and disappeared out of his sight quickly.


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