Madrassa for girls

Addressing an administrator of a girls madrassa Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve and protect him) said,

‘The number of madrassa (traditional Islamic teaching institution) for girls is now exceeding that for boys (in Pakistan).   I fail to understand the emphasis been given to this phenomenon. 

Are there any precedents for this from our earlier pious predecessors, the Blessed Companions, the Ta’baeen, the one who came after them or even our elders of Deoband?

I fear these institutions, especially those with residential hostels for possible inappropriate mishaps. 

The admintrator replied that even at Dar ul Uloom Karachi there is a girls madrassa. 

Sayyidi wa sanadi clarified, ‘This was started in an era when there were no such institutions. Moreover, we try our best that all teaching is via female instructors.’

Another scholar commented that the duration of the course for females has now been extended to 8 years. 

Sayyidi replied,

‘It is 6 years for the expedited track. I agree with this. Previously the 4 years course was severely deficient.  The graduates were deemed alimah (scholars) whereas in fact they remained jahilah (grossly ignorant). ‘

Office, Darul Uloom Karachi 

21 Ramadan 1437/ 27 June 2017 post zuhar

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