Request for Dua & esal e thawab


My young cousin Mr Rafael Kamal (aka. Rufi, b 1966), passed away suddenly after a massive heart attack while visiting Morocco. He leaves behind parents, wife and two sons (6 and 1 year old).

May Allah forgive him, raise his status in Hereafter and give exemplary patience (sabr-e-jameel) to all the family members.  Ameen!

Please, remember him and his family in your dua. Jazak Allah!

2 thoughts on “Request for Dua & esal e thawab

  1. adeelahmad


    it was sad to hear sudden death of your close-relative.
    It is a challenge for the remaining family with small kids to tread their path in this world.
    Allah Ta’ala knows all and possesses all wisdon, we know not anything.


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