Khushu’ in salah

A disciple of Sufi Hameed ud Deen Nagori (Allah have mercy on him) approached him and complained about the overwhelming (thoughts) by Satan (Iblees). That is, he does not allow me to pray two units of salah without causing distress and excessive random thoughts. Please, instruct him not bother me. 

The Shaikh replied,

‘My son! 

He (Satan) came to me before you came. He was complaining about your condition. 

He told me to tell you to abandon the (involvement in unnecessary) worldly affairs.  Only then He will not bother you. Moreover he added that if you do not abandon this and continue to desire worldly involvements then you will have to pay as he did himself. That is with his Deen.’

Suroor as sudoor wa noor al badur (Urdu translation), page 323

1 thought on “Khushu’ in salah

  1. Dr N Imdad Ali


    Respected Doctor sahib db,
    wa alaykum as salam

    i have one doubt. in this case the wasawis were instilled by shaytan or the mureed’s nafs has brought it.

    Could be both.
    More it is a reflection of the activities done most in daily life.

    is e book available Suroor as sudoor wa noor al badur (Urdu translation)

    Yes. Somewhere on

    talib i dua

    dil say dua hay!
    imdad ali

    muhtaj e dua

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