A seeker wrote,

Assalam-u-Alaikum wr wb ,I do apologize in advance as I am new to this world and lack the adab required, definitely appreciate your patience.I made lots of dua to Allah SWT, thought about it in detail, and Hazrat, I would like to request you to accept me into an islahi talluq.There are many reasons behind my request.- Alhamdulillah your instructions really benefit me and I would consider it a huge privilege to be able to continue to work under your guidance and advice.- Your website has tremendously benefited me and Alhamdulillah its continuing to do so. And primarily it was that really inculcated a desire in me for islah and showed me the means to do so.- You are Hazrat Taqi Usmani db’s mujaz and Hazrat db also advised the same.- I absolutely love the fast communication with you and find it extremely beneficial too. May Allah greatly bless you for the attention I have gotten so far.- After lots of istikhra and dua, I find my heart inclined towards this.

Ashrafiya replied,

I read this in detail.

InshaAllah this is also from Allah and there will be something better for both of us in this.

banday ko apni awqat ma’loom hay. husb e hukum khidmet kay kiya hazir hay. jitna mumkin ho sakha zaroor karayga, inshaAllah.

The truth is that we both are in the same boat headed towards the same destination. It is a magnanimous blessing of Allah SWT that He has given this tawfiq. May He further give us the insight to recognize this blessing and allow us to use it appropriately. InshaAllah, we will be companions assisting each other with our knowledge, experience, state (hal) and dua.

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