Keeping a misbah

Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him) instructed that,

‘It is fine to use a misbah (tasbih) to keep track of dhikr done.

There is no riya (show off) if one’s active intention in using it is to make dhikr.

Riya occurs when the sole intention is to show off.

However, he added that this enumeration of dhikr on misbah is to make us cognizant that how much deficient we are in making Allah’s remembrance.

For the innumerable blessings of Allah being bestowed on us each moment we should have been making much much more remembrance of Allah.’

Ramadan 1443, April 2022, After zohar Majlis, Office, Darul Uloom Karachi

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