Benefiting from one Sheikh ONLY

Tauheed e Matlab:
That is, benefiting from one Sheikh ONLY.

This is one of the fundamental principles of Tasawwuf.

The Sheikh-Mureed relationship is like that between a physician and a patient.

Imagine a sick person consulting two or more doctors for an illness. Even with the best doctors, there will be a difference of opinion in the diagnosis, severity of illness, method of treatment, management, follow up and prevention of recurrence. This is human nature.

This multiple consultations will create confusion in mureed’s mind and he will pick and choose from these varied remedies what’s most convenient for him. The choice being based on his under par desires. This can never result is cure of his blame worthy or acquisition of praise worthy inner moral states.

For this reason it is a must to consult only one sheikh.

All the sheikh-jumping, surfing and searching is before the selection. Once a Sheikh is selected this is not allowed. Moreover it will be detrimental for one’s progress, especially if the shuyukh come to know about this unhealthy habit.

Therefore, for peace of mind and maximum benefit it is highly recommended to have the trust that my Sheikh is the best sheikh in the whole world. There may be others but within my reach and accessibility he is the most excellent. Without this trust mureed will be always be on the outlook for any other “seemingly better” source of benefit and will not be able to focus & concentrate on his own work/progress.

Yak dar geer muhkam geer