Company of the Pious 1

It is the third thing in our list of actions leading to creation of ta’luq ma’Allah/Love of Allah swt.

Most probably this is the most effective means of achieving it.

Here, pious are those who already posses this ta’luq/Love. First most in them is the Sheikh himself or whom ever he suggests and approves.

The benefits of this companionship are to felt and lived. The words can not describe them in the fullest sense. Here we will mention a few.

Once a person asked Hazrat Thanvi qaddas sirrahu, that the famous verse;
Yak zamana suhbat ba awliya
Behter az sed sala ta’et e bay-riya
(Momentary companionship of Friends of Allah swt is better than hundred years of sincere worship) seems to be an exaggeration. How can this be possible?
Hazrat Thanvi ra replied that, “It was no exaggeration at all. Moreover, the message was still not completely conveyed. If the poet had said;
Yak zamana suhbat ba awliya
behter az sed lekh sala ta’et e bay-riya
(Momentary company of Friends of Allah swt is better than million years of sincere worship), it would not have been an exaggeration.”

This is because in the company of pious/awliya you get more than the sincerity. You get this ta’uluq ma’Allah/love of Allah swt. This is the master key for all further good actions.

Another benefit is that in the company of the pious one repeatedly hears useful knowledge and tips for putting this to practice in every day life. This will motivate the clumsiest of the mureed to action.

Additionally, there is the benefit of dua (prayers) of the pious. Seeing a sincere aspirant working diligently they make prayer for him. InshaAllah, there is conviction that their prayer are accepted.

Also by keeping their company, one starts to admire them and imitate them. This hastens the spiritual progress.

Essential to acknowledge is that this company needs to be for considerable duration of time (months/years), with sincerity and total obedience to bear its fruit.

Being physically present in the company of the Sheikh as much as possible in different settings is needed. Corresponding with him often via mail, e-mail and telephone can be a substitute if physical presence is not possible.

In the tareeq of Hazrat Hakeem ul Ummat ra regular correspondence between the Sheikh and mureed is a must cornerstone of spiritual improvement effort.

Masti kay leyay boay maay tund hay kafi
Maakhanay ka mehroom bhi mehroom nahi hay

According to Hazrat Hakeemul Ummat ra company of the pious is a compulsory obligation (fardh a’yn) in this era for each and every Muslim. It is the vital means of saving ones faith.

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