Company of the Pious 2

Our busy daily schedule and complicated lifestyle does not seem to accommodate company of the pious!

It is all about our priorities. Things which we consider important are somehow adjusted in the same busy schedule.

Those who are serious regarding the tareeq have to make this their number one priority.

However, the tareeq is not rigid and inadaptable. When genuine reasons for not being physically present exist, there are other means to get some similar benefit if not exactly the same.

They are:

1. Reading books of the past Mashaykh of the tareeq.
Most important are the sermons (mawa’iz, 30 volumes, 500 pages each) and utterance (malfoozat, 25 voulmes, 250 pages each) of Hakeemulummat Hazrat Thanvi ra. Also books by A’rifbillah Dr. Abdul Hayy ra (especially Basair Hakeemulumma). And finally books by Sidi wa Sanadi Moulana Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib dbt (specifically, Islahi Khutbat 14 volumes, & Islahi Majalis 5 voulmes, 300 page each).

2. Listening to the spiritual discourses of the Sheikh. Alhumdulillah, more than five hundred such discourses delivered by Sidi wa Sanadi Moulana Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib dbt are available both in audio cassettes and MP3 CDs. Some of them have been posted on worldwide web also.

Continuous effort and trying one’s best to be in the company of the Sheikh whenever possible, even for brief duration will, inshaAllah, lead to the development of this ta’aluq ma’Allah/Love.

Course to lafz hi sekhatay hain
Adami adami banatey hain
Justujo ham ko adami ki hay
Who kitabain abus magatey hain (Akbar Allahbadi ra)

  • Being thankful for the bounties of Allah swt.