Being Steadfast in Following the Rulings of Shariah

Being steadfast (Istiqamah) in observing the injunctions of Shariah is superior to performing miracles (karamah).

It leads to the creation of the ta’aluq ma’Allah/Love of Allah swt and also, makes it stronger.

It is easy to observe the sharia injunctions when conditions are favorable; person is satisfied, healthy, and wealthy and has excess leisure time. But the real test comes when the situation becomes tight. There is illness, scarcity and not enough time. Being steadfast under such condition is a sign of love of Alllah swt. Following the sharia under such circumstances leads to further development of this love.

Also, every individual passes through phases in his daily life when he sometimes feels elated, energetic and enthusiastic (bast). He enjoys following the commands of sharia. At other times he feels depressed, desolate and lazy (qabdh). Following the sharia becomes a chore to him. Being steadfast in both of these situations is necessary. This shows that he is sincere in his worship and not a slave to his mood and desires. This also strengthen the Love of Allah swt.

In summary, the commands of shariah, either exoteric or esoteric are to be fulfilled under all circumstances. In pratical life this may be difficulty to do. But after consultation with the Sheikh these difficulties can be tackled easily.

“And those who strive in Our (cause) We will certainly guide them to Our paths, for verily Allah swt is with those who do right” 29:69