Asking Allah swt (dua) a lot.

The last thing in our list of deeds leading to t’aluq ma’Allah/Love of Allah swt is making dua a lot.

This is in addition to reciting the Prophetic invocation for different occassions.

Dua is the soul of worship, as told to us by Allah’s beloved Prophet sallalaho alehey wasalm. It creates a direct connection between Allah swt and His slave (abd). Persistence and sincerity in it leads to permenance of this connection.

This may be the reason, Allah’s beloved, Prophet sallalaho alehey wasalm commanded us to ask every thing from Allah swt. Even salt (for our food) and laces for our shoes.

Remarkably, dua is the only form of worship in which the asking for wordly benefits also becomes a source of merit (thawab).

Arifbillah Dr. Abdul Hayy ra used to tell his mureeds, get into the habbit of talking to Allah swt. Tell Him all your worries and concerns. Ask help and assistance from Him in each and every action. Sheikh Mufti Taqi Usmani mudhazillahu explains this by giving the following examples. If you hear the phone bell ringing, ask Allah swt that there may be good in it and person calling gives good news. If you are searching for something, ask Allah swt to facilitate the search. Similarly, if you plan to travel, ask Allah swt to provide safe, economical and swift means of transport and that the journey be pleasnat. Etc., etc. In short before each and every action turn to Allah swt.

Bandah hu(n) tera, Aay Allah meri sun
Farma dey meray maqsad-e-qalbi kay leyay kun
Har ghair ko dil say meray ma’doom hi kar dey
Sab bhool kay lag jaay bus ik dil ko teri dhun
(Hazrat Baba Najam Ahsan ra)