Conclusion: Signs of T’aluq ma’Allah

Observing all of these [· 1. Excessive remembrance of Allah swt· 2. Observance of Sunnah, in all matters· 3. Keeping company with pious.Those who already have this strong relationship with Allah swt (Ahlil-Allah)· 4. Being thankful for the bounties of Allah swt.At the same time reflecting about our attitude in regards to them· 5. Being steadfast in following the rulings of Shariah· 6. Asking Allah swt (dua) a lot.] simultaneouly to the best of one’s ability, under the guidance and supervision of a Sheikh will, inshaAllah, result in t’aluq ma’Allah/Love of of Allah swt, indeed. There can be no doubts about this. Being steadfast and patient is the key.

An ill person receiving appropriate treatment needs a longer duration to acknowledge his health himself and has to rely on the satisfaction/opinion of his physician regarding his health.

Important to realize is the fact that this relationship (t’aluq) is mutual between Allah swt and His slave (abd). That is, from the slave total submission is required (following Shariah completely) and on it acceptance (ridha) of Allah swt occurs. One of this can not exist without the other integral. In summary acceptance can not exist for someone acting against Shariah (i.e. he comits sin).

However, once this relationship(t’aluq) has matured and reached a certain level, a person quickly acknowledges his mistake and makes sincere effort to repent and improve. He can not remain without doing this! And eventually when fully matured this relationship saves the individual from all froms of sins completely.

Hence the signs of this relationship(t’aluq) are:
1. Remembering Allah swt all the time, (as one is infront of Him), and
2. Being steadfast in observing the commands of Shariah.

Remeber this relationship/Love is the soul of this path.

May Allah swt, the Kind and the Benevolent, give us a iota of this Love. Ameen.

mujhay aasan hogaiy(n) manzilai(n) awar hawa kay rukh bhi badel gayaa,
tera hath, hath sey kiya laga, keh chirag rah kay jal gayaa.