Following the desires is not Deen!

Sidi wa sanadi hazrat Moulana Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib db said;

Religion (Deen) is following the commandments of Allah swt and His messenger sallalaho alehey wa alehi wasallem in one’s everyday life.

People prefer doing those religious acts which are pleasing to their desires. Irrespective, if they are the call of the moment from Shariah. For example, some youngsters develop a desire to become an ‘alim(religious scholar) or go for jihad. They pursue this aim regardless of their parent’s genuine needs and instructions. Similarly, some people develop a taste for tabligh missions and are ever ready to go out for 3,10 or 40 days trip. Earning a halal livelihood, taking care of the family and other moral obligations becomes secondary to them. Some are ever ready to perform nafil Hajj and Umrah, with thousands of qaza salat outstanding. Etcetera, etc.
This is not deen.
This is following one’s own desires undercover of deen.

Acknowledge what the call of the moment is from Shariah and act accordingly.
This is Deen.
Initially this is quite difficult for a novice. Hence, the help and guidance froma Sheikh is essential to do this.”