Following the Sunnah of Prophet

sallalaho alehey wa a’lehi wasalam

Hazrat Thanwi quddus sirrahu said that in our tareeq (path) the goal is achieved comparatively quickly. The reason being due to the extraordinary emphasis laid on following the Sunnah of Allah’s beloved prophet sallalaho alehey wa alehi wasalam. This makes the achievement of goal by jazb (Divine attraction/pull) rather than sulook (personal effort and toil). As it is said in the holy Quran;
(O Prophet!) Tell (them) that if you want to love Allah (swt), then you should follow me. (By this) Allah swt will love you and forgive all your sins. Indeed! Allah swt is all forgiving and merciful. (3:31)

It is therefore, very important to follow the Sunnah in all daily activities.
The whole life of Allah’s beloved sallalaho alehey wa alehi wasalam is in front of us. His personal appearance, attire and hygiene, activities from morning to dust, relationship with wives, way of worship, social interactions, manners, economic and governmental matters, and every imaginable daily activity is included in this.

It is preserved in texts like “Shamail” by Imam Tirmizi ra (Arabic, Urdu) and “Uswa-e-Rasool e Akram” by Arifbillah Dr Abdul Hayy Arifi ra (Urdu, English) and “A’laikum bisunnati” by Mufti Abdul Hakeem Sukharwi ra (father of Mufti AbdurRaouf Sukharwi dbt) (Urdu).

By following these intentionally, all daily activities become an act of worship. Thus a means of getting closer to Allah swt. It is the same personal, family, social and work life but adopting the Sunnah method changes dust to gold. Alchemy!Nothing is easy.

Every thing needs initiative and may be difficult in the beginning. But with constant practice it becomes easy and a routine. Such is the case here. After acquiring the knowledge of the Sunnah it has to be practiced in every day life thoroughly. If one faces difficulties in doing so, Sheikh needs to be consulted. He with his insight and experience will define a mode of achieving it.

Sab thay kay dehkha keyay unka kharam-e-naz
Hum thay kay unka naqsh-e-qadam choom tay rahay
(Arifi ra)

A’rifbillah Dr. Abdul Hayy quddus sirrahu used to tell his mureed how he did this;

“I practiced this for a very long period of time. That is, whatever I wanted to do, I did not do it instantaneously. I paused for a moment. Brought to my mind this knowledge that observing Sunnah is of utmost importance. Then I made an intention of following the method of Allah swt’s beloved sallalaho alehey wa alehi wasalam and did the act appropriately.For example, when I entered my house, I found one of my children playing. Feeling a rush of fatherly love and affection, I thought of picking her up and kissing her. However, I did not do it right away. I stopped myself for a moment. Brought to my mind the Sunnah of Allah swt’s beloved prophet sallalaho alehey wa alehi wasalam, that he used to love children and showed affection to them. I then made an intention (niyyah) of following him and proceeded to pick her up and kiss her.Similarly, while on dinner table, I did not start eating immediately. I brought this fact to mind that it was Sunnah of prophet sallalaho alehey wa alehi wasalam to eat. Then intending to do so, I began eating using my right hand, after reciting Bismillah and observed the Sunnah table manners throughout the dinner.”

Jigar pani keya hay mudatoon, aay A’rifi, gam ki kasha kash mein
Koiy aasan hay keya khogar e aazar ho jana(Arifi ra)
However, it is important to point out that this is not a play of words. That is, in fact I am eating because I am hungry or a very tasty platter of food is in front of me. I just recite that I eat because it is Sunnah and fulfill my own desire. This is not the message. One has to contemplate the importance of observing Sunnah at that moment and proceed with the intention to do so. Doing it in the correct Sunnah manner. This is the correct sequence of events to make it a true following of prophet sallalaho alehey wa alehi wasalam.

Teray habib ki ya Rabb shabahat lay key aya houn
Haqiqat is ko tu kardey mein sorat ley kay aya houn