Ending Ramadan with Shukur & Istigfar

Arif billah Hazrat Dr Abdul Hayy ra said;
Once I led a prayer jamah. After finishing I said aloud, “Alhumdulillah“.
A person from the audience enquired, “is it appropriate to be thankful on a worship filled with deficiencies?”

“Yes! Indeed”, I told him. “Look at the tawfeeq from Allah SWT and thank for it. It is a special favor and gift. There are many Muslim among us who even lack this.
As far as deficiencies are concerned I acknowledge their existence and make istagfar(repentance) for them but being a ‘abd (slave) whatever I do and how much I try to excel in it, they will remain full of defects and deficiencies.
It is the perfection of slavehood (‘abdiyat) to be aware of your deficient state.

Utilizing these precious moments of life then why shouldn’t I contemplate on Allah SWT’s benevolence and be thankful?”

Just a reminder for all of us to be thankful to Allah SWT for the gift of Ramadan, ability to fast, pray, make dua and charity etc.. Also a reminder for istigfar/repentance for all our short comings.