Using Time Appropriately (Part 1)

Yesterday a former student asked Sayyidi for some advice (naseeha). Hazrat db told him:

“Recognize the importance of time.
It is an invaluable wealth.
Spend it very wisely and precisely in virtuous actions.”

Next day Sidi wa sanadi Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib (Allah SWT preserve him & allow us to benefit from him abundantly. Ameen) was sitting in Masjidil Haraam facing the holy Kab’a (‘s Rukun-e-Yamani). An individual requested some elaboration on this advice: As how to practically incorporate it in to one’s daily life.

Obviously pleased on the question, Hazrat db replied;

“Firstly one has to recognize the importance of time per se.

Secondly, one has to organize one’s schedule to fully maximize the benefit of available time, such that not a single moment is wasted. Being wasted meaning that it is not utilized appropriately even for a worldly purpose, may it be sleeping or moderate lawful entertainment or being busy in helping another fulfill his essential obligations, etc.

Wasting time includes indulging in activities having no benefit for this life or here after (akhira).”

Continued Part 2