Salik’s First Step

Hazrat Maseehulummat Mawlana Mohammed Maseehullah Khan sahib, Allah SWT have mercy on him, a senior khalifa of Hakeemul Ummat ra, while defining the first step of suluk, stated:

“Consider yourself to be the most inferior (human being).
To the extent that even if you observe another individual indulging in the worst of sins with your own eyes, then even neither despise him, nor consider yourself superior to him.
On the contrary be fearful. Bear in mind that it is possible that the this sinner may resort to sincere tawbah (repentance) and become a person of high piety, while I may be ensnared (Allah SWT save us!) in the deceptions of the nafs (self/ego) & Shaytan and be diverted from Ibadat (worship) and obedience.
We do not have any guarantee regarding our final state before death..
Therefore, there is no basis for looking down on others with contempt.

From (Edited): Glaring into the heart of a Chishti

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