Importance of Daily Wird

Maseehul quloob Hazrat Mawlana Maseehullah Khan sahib ra said:


مَن لا ورد له َلا وَارد له


One who does not have a wird, meaning he is not punctual with his daily zikr (remembrance) and awrad (recitations) (as prescribed by the Sheikh) never receives any waridat (Divinely guiding intutions).

This is an established principle of Tasawwuf.

It is like the student who does not read and prepare well by studying thoroughly himself never develops a command for applied knowledge of that subject.

Similarly, wird is essential (for those on the path/sulook).

It is tailored (by the Sheikh) to accommodate your work, leisure and health conditions.

In brief, it is totally unacceptable for a salik to say that I do not get time for my wird!

How strange is this excuse, indeed?

You do not have the time to sit with the tasbeeh (zikr beads) alone in a corner (to complete your wird).

Not even this much spare time?

You had the time to entertain a friend and have tea with him.

This is just like a student who did not read and attend classes but had time to spend with friends having tea.

This is reflective of his poor interest (shauq), savor (zauq) and longing (taleb) for the path.”

Mawlana Mehmood Ashraf Usmani:Hazrat Mawlana Maseehullah Sherwani qs ki aik yadgar majlis, Albalagh (Urdu)