Sheikh! I have nothing new to tell you.

Hazrat Haji Mohammad Farooq sahib ra said;

“Some individuals say that nothing comes to our mind when we are informing the Sheikh (directly or via mail) about our condition.

Abba-ji (Hazrat Mawlana Maseehullah Khan sahib ra) used to say that this may be due to two reasons. That are;

Either, the person has completed all the muqamats (stations), (that is, understood and practically removed all blame worthy moral traits from and acquired all praise worthy traits in one’s self.) and is in no need (of further instructions regarding changing states).

Or, he is not punctual with his mamoolat (wird). That is, he does not do the zikir (prescribed). If he was engaged in the zikir he would have received ahwal (states/thoughts regarding these praise/blame worthy moral traits). (These require reassuring or reconstructive instructions from the Sheikh.) ”

Islah afroze bayanat, page 484