Hajj: Composite mujahida

An individual requested intructions while proceeding for hajj.

Hazrat Mansoor Ali Khan sahib db (senior mureed of Hazrat Arifi ra & khalifa of Hazrat Shah Abrarul Haqq ra) replied;

“In this regards I heard form Hazrat Mufti Mohammad Shafii ra, that hajj is an amalgam of all the mujahidat (spiritual struggles). Especially the four famous mujahidat the sufiya describe; taqleel e kalam (talking less, by not arguing & being busy with Allah SWT’s remembrance), taqleel manam (sleeping less, with the travelling and change of schedule), taqleel ikhtelat ma’alanam (decreasing interaction with others by being busy with one’s Lord SWT) and taqleel ta’am (eating less, by changing schedule, less variety etc.).

If done properly with these mujahidat, hajj has immense spiritual benefits in one’s islah (reformation). Similar to it can not be achieved with years of hard struggles.

(So be aware and act accordingly).”

Jeddah, 16th December 2006, opp-Masjid Sayyidina Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah ra