Hazrat Thanawi ra’s Mazar

Arif billah Hazrat Dr. Abdul Hayy Arifi ra describes:

“As you exit the Thana Bhawan railway station there are agricultural farms in front. On right side there is an orchard. It has some trees few of them are mango and rest other types. A boundary wall has enclosed the orchard. It is known as ‘takiya’. It is reserved as a graveyard

On entering the ‘takiya’ form its main gate after around 10 to 15 footsteps besides the boundary wall on rightside there is a pukhta (cement/brick) raised platform. On it a pukhta dalan (patio) is constructed.

In front of this platform below (on the ground) at a short distance is Hazrat ra‘s mazar. The grave is of mud (kachi). The ground around is also of mud. There is no stone etc. marking it.”

Maasir Hakeemul Ummat ra, page 475-6