Hadhrat Shaykh Masihullah Khan (may Allah have mercy on him) said, 

“The journey of suluk comprises two journeys: the journey towards Allah  (sayr ila’Llah) and the journey in Allah (sayr fi’Llah ).

The journey towards Allah  

This journey consists of two fundamental aspects.

One is the purification of the lower self (nafs) from egotistical ailments known as blame worthy character traits. Reference to this is made in the Qur’aanic verse, “Verily, he has attained success, who has purified his nafs.” 

And the other is adornment of the heart with praise worthy character traits. This is called tahliya and also tajaliya. In suluk this acquisition is described as stages (maqaamat). 

The journey in Allah

Upon having attained the stage of journey towards Allah, a special celestial radiance (jila) and light (nur) permeate the heart. The heart then is at all times dissociated from all things other than Allah. The heart is now truly occupied with Allah Most High.

In this high stage of spiritual development, matters pertaining to the Being of Allah (dhat), Attributes of Allah (sifat), Acts of Allah (af’al), and the Realities (haqaiq) as well as relationships between Allah and His servants become manifest. This then is termed journey in Allah.

In the realm of journey in Allah there are no limits. Progress is infinite. Progress is proportional and continuous in relation to one’s ability, occupation with Allah Most High and casting aside all motives, irrespective of wether such motives pertain to this world or the Hereafter. When one has attained this rank, one attributes nothing to oneself.”

The Path to Perfection, page 114-5