Advice to newly wed

Hadhrat Asma (may Allah be pleased with her) said to her daughter at the time of her marriage:

“You are going to spend such a life where you shall have to live long and you are going to the bed of such a person who you have no acquaintance. You are going to love one with whom you had no love before.

Make for him such a world, which will be heaven for you, prepare for him such a bed, which will be a pillar for you.

Be such a slave for him that he may become your slave.

Don’t go willingly to him, lest you become to him an object of hatred.

Don’t remain far from him, lest he may forget you. When he remains near you, be near him, when he stays distant from you save your nose, ears and eyes.

Let him not get from you except sweet smiles. Let him not hear from you except sweet words. Let him not see in you except beauty”

Ihya Uloom Din

Source: Excellent Blog: Mujahidah an Nafs