For seekers in Jeddah

Responding to a disciple’s inquiry regarding which Shaykh’s weekly gathering (majlis) to attend in Jeddah, Hadhrat Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) said,

“Shaykh Mansur Ali Khan is the most appropriate person for this.

He used to visit my father Hadhrat Mufti Mohammad Shafi’ (may Allah have mercy on him) very regularly in his youth. Afterwards he had a formal relationship for spiritual self-improvement (islah) with Shaykh Dr. Abdul-Hayy ‘Arifi (may Allah have mercy on him) for a very long duration.

Eventually he recieved permission (khilafah) to instruct spiritual aspirants from Shaykh Abrarul Haq (may Allah have mercy on him).”


Shaykh Mansur has been residing in Jeddah for more than 25 years. His humility, gentleness and simplicity is amazing and truly reflective of Ashrafiya shuyukh. He has two weekly gatherings at his residence in Rehab district. One is on friday after juma’h salah regarding the blessed Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). Recitation of khatam e khawjagan is also done in it. The other is on sundays after isha prayers, the main topic of discussion is self-reformation (islah).