Beard: No big deal?


Hadhrat Mawlana Faqir Mohammad was one of the senior khulafa of Hakim al-Ummah (may Allah have mercy on them). He was blessed with extreme piety, meticulous adherance to Sunna and lucid unveiling (khashaf).  In the later part of his life he used to stay in Medinah e munawwara for prolonged periods of time and occasionally visited Pakistan. 

On one of such visits to Pakistan a top ranking clean shaved official greeted and reminded him that they had met in front of the blessed rau’dha (muwajjah sharif:shown in the picture above) in Medinah e munawwara.

Hadhrat replied that he remembered the incident quite vividly because the Blessed Prophet (may Allah’s blessing and peace be on him) after replying to his salutations (salat o salam) had immediately turned away his noble face in displeasure from this  clean-shaved official.

Allah, Most High, save us from this. Amin!

Source: Iqra digest’s special issue on Hahdrat ra