Teaching by example


Scrupulousness in matters of religion

The following simple incident demonstrates how a Shaykh teaches the disciples with his actions. May Allah give us the sight to see these and a determination to implement them in our daily life. Amin!

After performing the Umrah sayyidi wa sanadi Shaykh Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) proceeded to the barbers shop to cut hairs, as it is necessary (wajib) to come out of state of ihram.

To the female companions he specifically instructed to make sure that they cut their hairs within the boundaries of Haram sharif and not on returning back to Jeddah.

Sitting in front of the barber Shaykh asked a lowly murid to check his hairs and make sure that it was greater in length to an interphalangeal space (minimum length when trimming hair is permissible instead of shaving the head completely).

Having made sure about the hair length, Shaykh instructed the barber on how much hair has to be trimmed in order to come out of state of ihram. He did so gently, in very simple language and demonstrated this to him using his fingers.

Friday, 23 Jamadi al-awal 1429/27 June 2008, Misfila, Makkah e mukarramah.