Real remembrance of death!


Prior to lecturing at a conference, the great Shaykh al-Hadith MawlanaMuhammad Zakariyah (may Allah ahve mercy on him) was performing ablution (wudhu) when he heard the conference co-ordinator praising him as part of the introduction.The respected Shaykh began to shed tears and said,

My dear ones let me at least die first.

If I die without Iman then what use will all of these praises be to me?

From: In Sahykh’s company

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  1. 'abd Post author

    Yes, the circled area points approximately to the area where most of our akabir, including Shaykh al-Hadith lie burried.

    May Allah make us one of these blessed individual’s to be burried in J. Baqi. Amin

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