Signs of marifah:humility and servitude


An individual told sayyid wa sanadi Shaykh Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) that the most striking thing he felt after reading the biographies of Hakim al-Umma,  Mufti Mohammad Shafi and Dr. Adbul Hayy Arifi (may Allah have mercy on them) was their utmost humility (tawadhu) and self-annihilation or effacement (abdiyet, fana).

Hadhrat agreed with the this intelligent observation and said,

“This is a sign of gnosis (marifah) of Allah.

The Urdu proverb says that a camel considers none taller than himself until he arrives at the foothill of a giant mountain. After observing the real height all his claims and doubts of self-praise vanish.

Similarly, the people who actually become aware of the Allah’s grandeur consider themselves to be nothing at all. The most worthless, insignificant and humble creatures ready to serve as commanded. “

(Hadhrat’s residence, 1991, after asr.)

Moreover, this is also in perfect harmony to the Sunna: The Prophetic state.

It can be said very confidently that the most outstanding characteristics and highest stations of our Master Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) are his humility (tawadhu) and servitude (abdiyet).

Some senior seekers report that this can be felt by those (having a spiritually ‘alive’ heart) who visit him even today in the radiant city of Medina. (That is, an overwhelming rapture of humility and servitude enters their heart. And Allah knows the best!)

13 Rajab 1429, 16th July 2008.