The real karama


Arif billah Shaykh Dr. Abdul Hayy Arifi (may Allah ahve mercy on him) said,

“Once I inquired a pious person that these days we do not see saints similar to those who performed extra-ordinary feats (karama) anymore.

He replied that saints who had this blessing had always been very few in each era. Most likely you have read a book that compiled many such incidents of pious individuals. And now you are misled to believe that all Shaykhs must have this capability.

Remember in previous days the karama was in matter (maadi) and hence, it was visible to others. Nowadays it is in essence (manawi).

These days any company (suhba) that leads one to do good deeds, cleanse inner self (batin from moral corruption) and make rememberance of Allah is a karama.

A company like this is achieved by true yearning (talub). If you sincerely desire this, than be reassured that individuals like this are always present in each era.”

Khutbat e Arifi, Idarae Talefat e Ashrafiya, Multan, page 164