The gift of mi’raj


Arif-billah Shaykh Dr. Abdul Hayy Arifi (may Allah have mercy on him) said,

“No conjecture is possible regarding the degree of extreme nearness to Allah achieved by our Master, Liege-lord and the Leader of both the worlds, The Prophet (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) at the night of ascension (alisra wal-mi’raj). It is beyond the comprehension of all creation’s intellect and imagination.

اللہ! اللہ ! قرب معراج رسول

دو کماں سے فرق ادنی’ رہ گیا

اٹھ گئے مابین سے سارے حجاب

اک فقط آنکھوں کا پردہ رہ گیا 

On arriving at this special proximate station in the Divine presence Allah presented His beloved the royal gift of the five daily prayers (salah).”

Khutbat e Arifi, Idarae Talefat e Ashrafiya, Multan, page 55-6

Commemoration of the Isra-wal mi’raj requires that we take good care of this gift and make sure that our salah is as per Sunna, both in physical and spiritual form, to the best of our capabilities.

May Allah facilitate this for us. Amin!