Outcome of tazkiyah:Excellence in speech and character

Masih al-quloob Mawlana Masihullah Khan (may Allah have mercy on him) instructed,

“The acquisition of praiseworthy moral traits with yearning and loss of blameworthy charactersitics with aversion will manifest as attainment of excellence in speech and character.

Excellence in speech (husne-kalam) is defined as using words that are polite, decent and said in a gentle tone.

And excellence in character (husne-khulq) is to have forbearance (hilm). 

So whenever something happens against your desires and upsets you, with this forbearance condone it using excellent speech (husne-kalam). As Allah says in the Qur’an,

و اذا سمعو اللغو اعرضو عنه

“Whenever you hear such useless talk, then let it pass.”

Tazkira Hadhrat Masih al-Ummat, wasiyetnama, page 119