Thanawi sulook

Outlining the strategy of spiritual path (sulook) employed by Hadhrat Mawlana Shah Mohammad Asadullah, a khalifa of Hakim al-Umma (may Allah have mercy on them) it is mentioned,

“His emphasis was more on taqwa(piety, awareness of accountability to Allah and abstaining from all that is sinful) then involvement in recitations of litanies (wird) and excessive remembrance (dhikir).  

He used to say that taqwa is easy. This is because it is a passive thing, and it is established that abstaining from a act is easier than performing any activity.

Then he stressed on the vigilance in abiding to the Prophetic ways of doing things (Sunna)

The third thing in this hierarchy were the daily recitations of litanies and excessive remembrance (wird). “

Aks-e-Jameel, the biography of Mufti Mohammad Jameel Ahmad Thanawi (may Allah have mercy on him), page 202

In general, this is the manner in which  most of our Mashaykh guide the spiritual aspirants.